Mumie-LogoMUMIE - Multi-Media Math Education

Technical Requirements

1. Operating Systems: Linux, Windows or Mac OS X.

2. The following browsers are supported: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari, in their current version.

3. Before you start working with MUMIE check the configuration of your browser with the Browser Check. You find a link on the login page. The protocol indicates what has to be changed in the case of failure.

4. You need a Java™ Plugin for your browser (currently the Java versions 1.6 und 1.7 from SUN/Oracle are supported). On the login page you find a link to a free download page.

The following configurations have to be made in the configuration menu of your browser:

5. Cookies must be activated (at least session cookies).

6. JavaScript must be activated.

7. Java must be activated.

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